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TMS, in order to meet the contemporary business needs, provides a wide range of consulting services, offering targeted and feasible solutions, timely and effectively.

In an ever changing environment, both at an economic and regulatory level, the provision of advisory services which actually correspond to the companies needs, comprise a means of growth and progress.

In TMS, we fully understand the challenges that are faced in the contemporary economic environment and the importance of the instant adaptation of businesses to the market needs. We are confident that we possess the required knowledge, technology and most importantly the appropriate professionals to help our clients achieve their objectives, in substance.


We offer consultation in the following fields:

  • Business and/ or Property Valuation
  • Purchase price allocations and impairment reviews
  • Impairment Tests of Assets, according to the provisions of the I.F.R.Ss framework.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (L.2166/93, L.1297/72,C.L.2190/20)
  • Corporate disposals and sales of shareholding interests
  • Business Plans.
  • Preparation of condensed and consolidated financial statements under the I.F.R.Ss.
  • 1st time adoption of I.F.R.Ss and financial statement preparation-conversion of financial statements compiled under local G.A.A.Ps.
  • Health checks and business plans under Bankruptcy Code
  • Independent expert opinions
  • Implementation and assessment of internal control systems.
  • HR Administration Services.

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