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TMS Certified Public Accountants S.A is an independent firm established in Greece, providing a broad range of audit & assurance, tax, business advisory and accounting services. TMS headquarters are located at 6 Loukianou Street in Athens.

TMS clientele consists of corporate entities, operating in different industries, covering practically the whole spectrum of economic activities. A significant part of our clients are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and also on Foreign Stock Exchange markets.
TMS shareholders are Chartered Accountants with extensive experience in the field of auditing.

TMS Certified Public Accountants S.A human capital currently consists of 31 professionals. Among them, seven (7) CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), twelve (12) CPA candidates and eight (8) executives with knowledge and expertise in fields relevant to audit & assurance, such as those of accounting, taxation and corporate consulting.

The primary strategic objective of our company is the application of best practices in a dynamic environment to meet our customers individual needs, with ongoing focus on the principles of:
Implementation of commitments in the context of each engagement
Creation of long lasting harmonious and lucrative relationships
Continuous awareness of the clients needs, which are constantly evolving
Promotion of international co-operation, when required

The assessment of the achievement of our strategic objectives is carried out, at least, on an annual basis. The assessment is based both on internally set targets and external characteristics, such as comparative studies over the financial performance of other audit firms.

TMS management and human capital are committed to:
Quality assurance of our services,
Adoption of internationally accepted standards and benchmarks under the best methodologies,
Investment in human capital, aiming at the development of specialist staff and establishment of their long term employment in our company,
Continuous improvement of services, resulting in increased operational efficiency,
Investment in knowledge, expertise and infrastructure.

Our Vision

Our company is driven by creativity, professionalism, integrity and sense of responsibility. Under these principles, we are facing the challenges of the modern economic environment and vision:
To associate TMS brand name with the provision of reliable audit services.
To build long-term relationships, based on trust, with our clients, prioritizing the satisfaction of their expectations.
To be established as a reputable firm in the field of business-oriented services provision.

Our mission is to:
provide solutions and advice that enhance and promote our customers role in a competitive business environment.
work harmoniously with our clients.
reward everyone, involved in our business activity.

Our values

TMS is committed to the values that define our day to day operations. Continuous commitment to these is the cornerstone of our success. Our values are:
Team-working: We operate and work as a team; We believe in the power of team, synergies and in the profound need for creating sound partnerships.
Authenticity: Behaving with integrity and compliance with our commitments.
Dominance: Striving to stand out with passion in everything we do.
Knowledge: Investing in human capital and technological infrastructures.
Workplace: Caring for our people and respecting their personality. We believe in originality, self-motivation and awareness.
Professionalism and Ethical Compliance: Carrying out our business activities, motivated by a deep sense of responsibility for our work, clients and partners.
Evolving with our clients: Our clients are the core of our business.


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